Our Home on the Sunshine Coast

Just 40 minutes from West Vancouver lies 'the Coast' – a semi-rural getaway with small towns, community forests, hiking trails, parks, and pebble or sand beaches.

Strollable Sechelt  –  Ambling from Dolphin Street out to Porpoise Bay

Sechelt means 'place between two waters' in the local Shíshálh language. The Village of  Sechelt  is a strollable strip of  land between Trail Bay and Porpoise Bay. On your way,  feed the ducks at the Sechelt Marsh or have a picnic at Osbourne Park

Strollable Sechelt: Dolphin to Porpoise Bay

Or stroll the walkable waterfront along Trail Bay on Sechelt Village's south side. Although accessable by a walking trail through Snickett Park, most of the Trail Bay waterfront is lined with paved surfaces – a quiet road and seawalk pathways.

Strollable Sechelt: Walkway Waterfront – the Village's Trail Bay seawalk