Our Home on the Sunshine Coast

1) Strollable Sechelt Village on the 'Sunshine Coast' of BC

Sechelt means a 'place between two waters' in the local shíshálh language. 'The Village' is a strollable strip of  land between Trail and Porpoise Bays.

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2)  Reviews of  Books,  Websites,  and  Blogs about Sechelt

Media on the History, Geography, and Future Development of Sechelt.

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3) The Therapsids in Detail – Evolution  of  Mammals

Therapsids were 'mammal-like' reptiles forming part of a long evolutionary pathway to the familiar, furry, warm-blooded creatures we know today.

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4)  Feathered  Dinosaurs  and  the  Evolution  of  Birds

How did birds survive the Mass Extinction of 65 Million years ago?

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