Rain Gardens on the BC Sunshine Coast

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Rainwater Harvesting on the Sunshine Coast

Why not take advantage of a neglected resource?

The simplest approach to Rainwater Harvesting is to disconnect the down- spout from your eavestrough. Divert that rainwater along a shallow channel straight into your newly constructed  Rain Garden.

But you will have much more control over outdoor water usage if you catch rainwater run-off  or 'stormwater'  in Rain Barrels or Cisterns. This simple  set-up can greatly reduce demand on our limited drinking water supply.

Installation techniques can range from the very simple to the most thorough. See Resources  for  'How-to'  books to guide you through the procedures.

Rainwater Harvesting is a great way to ensure available water for your garden during repeated summer droughts and inevitable sprinkling bans.

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 Home  |  Rain Gardens  |  Native Plants  |  Rainwater Harvesting  |  Resources