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Rainwater Harvesting on Sunshine Coast BC
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From the books listed below, you can glean the basics of rainwater collection – from rain barrels to larger cisterns. You will also find the best ways to filter the collected water for the benefit of your plants.

You can use the links below to access the catalogues of  local Libraries.  Then you can expand your search beyond the limited topics presented here.

Sunshine Coast :    Combined Sechelt/Gibsons Libraries Catalogue
West Vancouver :   West Vancouver Memorial Library Catalogue
North Vancouver :    North Vancouver City Library Catalogue
Vancouver (Central)Vancouver Public Library Catalogue

Rainwater Harvesting – BC and Pacific Northwest Books

Essential Rainwater Harvesting: a guide to home- scale system design, by Rob Avis & Michelle Avis
New Society Publishers, Gabriola, BC, 2018

- 628.142 AVIS Sechelt Public Library
- 628.1 AVIS Gibsons & District Public Library
- 628.142 AVI North Vancouver City Library
- 628.13 A95e Vancouver Public Library (2 copies)

The authors (both PEngs) present a practical resource providing DIYers and trades with the essential tools, methods, and technical know-how to design, build, and maintain rainwater harvesting systems. Book is published in BC.

Design for Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Storm- water Catchment and Alternate Water Reuse
by Heather Kinkade-Levario
New Society Publishers, Gabriola, BC, 2007

- 631.7 KINK Gibsons & District Public Library
- 631.7 KIN West Vancouver Memorial Library
- 628.13 K55d Vancouver Public Library (2 copies)

Although published in BC, the author is a land-use planner in water-short Arizona. Rainwater harvesting topics covered are passive and active system setup, storage, stormwater reuse, distribution, purification, and filtration.

Rainwater Harvesting Best Practices Guidebook: Residential Rainwater Harvesting Design and Installation

Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN)
Nanaimo, British Columbia, 2012

- 628.13 R15n Vancouver Public Library (3 copies)

Nanaimo's ecosystems are quite similar to those on the Sunshine Coast. RDN recognizes that rainwater harvesting (RWH) plays a role in reducing demand on the local drinking water supply.  These RWH practices increase homeowners' self-sufficiency. At the same time, they help ensure that clean water returns to local creeks and aquifers. The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) pays close attention to the Regional District of Nanaimo and uses RDN publications to inform their own policy guidelines.

Rainwater Harvesting  –  Other Regions

Do-It-Yourself Sustainable Water Projects:
Collect, Store, Purify, and Drill for Water

by Paul Dempsey
McGraw-Hill, New York, NY, 2013

- TEC 628.13 D38d Vancouver Public Library

Ten DIY water conservation projects from rainwater harvesting to collecting from alternative water sources. Somewhat skewed to hotter climate projects but accompanied by step-by-step instructions, drawings, photographs, and sources for inexpensive parts.

The Complete Guide to Water Storage: How to Use Gray Water and Rainwater Systems, Rain Barrels, Tanks, and Other Water Storage Techniques ...

by Julie Fryer
Atlantic Publishing Group, Ocala, FL, 2012

- 628.13 F94c Vancouver Public Library

The principles of water storage – measuring water quality, open and closed storage (tanks, ponds, etc.), rainwater harvesting, re-use of greywater, etc.

Rainwater Collection for the Mechanically Challenged

by Suzy Banks

Tank Town Publishing, Dripping Springs, TX, 2004

- 628.72 BAN West Vancouver Memorial Library

A genuine 'How-To' book for the novice DIYer. Skewed towards the dryer regions of Texas and the US Southwest. However, this witty book covers all that a do-it-yourselfer would need to know about rainwater harvesting setup.

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