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Conserving Water on the Sunshine Coast of BC
~  Resources  ~

You can find a Range of Resources on Water Conservation:

      • Rain Gardens
      • Rainwater Harvesting
      • Capturing and Re-Use of Greywater
      • Reclaiming Water from Blackwater
      • Water Usage Policies and Legislation

Much of the best information is freely available in library books, online videos, and well-regarded websites. You can explore these topics in depth.

A brief overview will convince you that the issue of water scarcity, and the need to conserve drinking water, is  not  going to go away any time soon.

Libraries on the Sunshine Coast & in the Lower Mainland

Libraries listed here include the Gibsons & District Public Library and
the Sechelt Public Library on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

Other books are available from the West Vancouver Memorial Library,
the North Vancouver City Library, and the Vancouver Public Library.

If you don't have library cards for the Lower Mainland branches, talk to your local librarians for their assistance with  Inter-Library Loans.

Relevant Library Books  –  Sunshine Coast & the Lower Mainland:

  Rain Gardens: Coastal BC, Pacific Northwest, and General Interest

  Rainwater Harvesting: Pacific Northwest and General Interest Books

  Gardening Design and Practices for SW BC and the Pacific Northwest

  Sustainable Gardening: Coastal southwest BC and the Pacific Northwest

  Greywater Re-Use & Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L): [Coming Soon]

  Constructed Wetlands: [Coming Soon]

 Home  |  Rain Gardens  |  Native Plants  |  Rainwater Harvesting  |  Resources