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Strollable Sechelt
The Laneways of Sechelt

Sechelt Village features a number of walkable lanes. There are other lanes throughout the larger District of Sechelt. Some are well suited for strolling, others have room for improvement. In this section, we will list and describe Sechelt's lanes as well as suggest ways of improving these strolling paths.

Strollable Sechelt – Strolling the back Lanes of Sechelt Village

For locals dodging the cut-through traffic of Sechelt Village or for visitors who prefer a quieter strolling experience, the Village's many laneways offer an opportunity. Not all of Sechelt Village's lanes make for good strolling but most are well-suited for pedestrians, jogging strollers, bicycles, and the like. The most useful of these lanes is Lamprey Lane (as a northern extension of Inlet Avenue when heading for Porpoise Bay) but, for the more adventurous strollers, the majority of  back lanes in Sechelt Village are worth exploring.

Strollable Sechelt – Shortcuts & sidetrips through Sechelt Village lanes

Strollable Sechelt – Lanes throughout the District of Sechelt

For some reason, complete listings of lanes in the District of Sechelt Village are difficult to find. We will attempt to create a Sechelt laneway listing here.

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Strollable Sechelt – Village lanes:  Room for improvements?

Many of the laneways in Sechelt Village make for a welcome respite from busy main thoroughfares and their sidewalks. However, from the strollers' point-of-view, there is still room for improvements to lane surfaces, traffic- calming measures, signage, and the like.

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