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Strollable Sechelt
Trail Bay – a Walkable Waterfront

Sechelt Village is indeed a 'place between two waters' but only Trail Bay on the south side can be called a strollable waterfront. Raised above Trail Bay's beaches are walking paths – most are paved and almost completely level. It is convenient to divide these stretches of walking paths into three sections.

Starting in the west, these paths begin with a walking trail through Snickett Park. [1] This mainly level (but unpaved) trail is accessed from a crosswalk at Shorncliffe Avenue. The trail meanders between mature trees and large boulders along the shoreline before leaving Snickett Park at Ocean Avenue.

Running from the foot of Ocean Avenue to Trail Avenue is Boulevard – a quiet, local street with little traffic. To the seaward side of  Boulevard is a grassy verge dotted with picnic tables, with more tables at the foot of Trail.

At Trail Avenue, a paved seawalk begins. For two blocks, the seawalk winds its way between trees and park benches before ending at the foot of Wharf Avenue. On the seaward side, the Trail Bay Pier juts out into Georgia Strait offering uninterrupted views of local shores and across to Vancouver Island.

Opposite Trail Bay Pier is Friendship Park with a tots playground and beach volleyball court.  There, Sechelt Village ends.  (Xenichen Avenue marks the edge of shíshálh Nation lands.) Strollers can either head up Wharf to Cowrie –  Sechelt Village's shopping street  –  or keep walking along the waterfront.

On Sinku Drive, strollers will pass five totems lining the waterfront. These poles represent the modern shíshálh and four traditional subgroups. Beyond, a bulk terminal loads barges with gravel and sand via overhead conveyors from Sechelt's large pits. Though scenic, Trail Bay remains a working port.

Below is a walking map for strolling the Trail Bay waterfront and a 'circle route' back through Sechelt Village. Click on this map for a larger version.

You may wish to  download a printable version  of  the map below.

[1] Coming:  Trail Bay's Points of  Interest, Destinations, and Landmarks.

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