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Strollable Sechelt

Just 40 minutes from West Vancouver lies the Sunshine Coast.  'The Coast' is a semi-rural getaway dotted with small towns, community forests, hiking trails, parks, and pebble or sand beaches. At its centre lies Sechelt Village.

Strollable Sechelt  –  From Dolphin Street out to Porpoise Bay

Sechelt means 'place between two waters' in the local shíshálh language. The Village of  Sechelt  is a strollable strip of  land that lies between Trail Bay in the south and Porpoise Bay in the north. For visitors who arrive by public transit, the first stop in the Village is on Dolphin Street. From the bus stop, it is a five minute meander north to Porpoise Bay. On your way,  feed the ducks at the Sechelt Marsh or have a picnic at Osbourne Park.

Strollable Sechelt: Ambling from Dolphin Street out to Porpoise Bay

Strollable Sechelt – Walkable Waterfront on Trail Bay seawalk

Ride the BC Transit bus to its final stop at Trail Bay Mall on Cowrie Street. Stroll two blocks to the walkable waterfront along Trail Bay on the Sechelt Village's south side. Although this walkable waterfront is accessible via the gravel walking trail through Snickett Park in the west, most of the Trail Bay waterfront consists of paved surfaces – a quiet road and seawalk pathways.

Strollable Sechelt: A walkable waterfront along the Trail Bay seawalk

Strollable Sechelt – Strolling the back Lanes of Sechelt Village

For locals dodging the cut-through traffic of Sechelt Village or for visitors who would like a quieter strolling experience, the Village's many laneways offer an opportunity. Not all Sechelt Village lanes make for good strolling but most are well-suited for pedestrians, jogging strollers, bicycles, and the like. Of these lanes, Lamprey Lane is most useful – acting as it does as an extension of  Inlet Avenue when heading for Porpoise Bay – but, for more adventurous strollers, most lanes in Sechelt Village are worth exploring.

Strollable Sechelt – Shortcuts and sidetrips through the lanes of Sechelt

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